Pittsburgh Antique Shop

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Hours: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
Sunday (Closed Wed) thru Saturday

32 Dealers providing thousands  of antiques on 2 floors,
Main Floor is accessabe for wheel chair.
Buying and selling antiques 5 days a week.

Rt. 88 and Castle Shannon Boulevard
(next to Martin Auto Gallery)
1116 Castle Shannon Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

PITTSBURGH ANTIQUE SHOPS . The building that now houses the upscale antique shops was once the hub of business in Pittsburgh’s Castle Shannon district in the late eighteen hundreds–housing everything from a bank, drug store, cigar store, mining company and lumber mill. There was a famous murder and bank robbery, (Russian gang) Iroquois Indians and a great infamous hotel across the street.
Today the brick and carved limestone structure is the oldest building in Castle Shannon, the thick brick walls and internal refitted steel structure support large wooden beams throughout, the floors are well worn oak planks and the high first floor ceilings are pressed metal.
The building at the corner of route 88 and Castle Shannon Boulevard (six miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa) is three stories high and built into the hillside so that each floor can be accessed at ground level making it perfect for the antique dealers.


A rusty nail something you always wanted

Dancing ceramic couple

Gold trimed Vase $ 2xxxxx.00

dolly 22.65

Grey and White Ceramic Puppy

Ceramic PAair  $xxx.00


1958 washing machine






Clear water bottle on dolly


dolly with water cart

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